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Insurance guide

In business it's important to protect your investments and as a landlord this means making sure that your buy to let property is insured. However, with so many policies to choose from it’s important to make sure that you are getting the right cover for the right price. There are three types of insurance that concern a landlord. These are summarised below:-

  - Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers fire, weather, malicious damage, burst pipes, impact, theft, damage to underground services and property owners' liability. Theft is restricted to fixtures and fittings thus excluding items such as soft furnishings, televisions and DVD players etc. Loss of rent may also be covered for up to two years, although some policies only include this with contents insurance.

  - Contents insurance

This offers the same cover as for buildings insurance except that it also covers soft furnishings, carpets, electrical equipment etc. Far fewer of our landlords consider this necessary.

  - Rent guarantee insurance

This can cover legal costs in taking action against a tenant, debt recovery and the cost of alternative accommodation should a tenant refuse to vacate.




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